Saturday, October 20, 2007

My Heart Leaps Up

"My heart leaps up when I behold
a rainbow in the sky..."
~William Wordsworth

I love driving this time of year. Almost at every turn there is a fiery beautiful tree. Some roads are ablaze with color, almost like a tunnel of fire. This morning, I had to go to a town about 1/2 hour's drive away from me. Even though it was all on either interstate or toll road, it was a beautiful drive. I wish I could have taken pictures as I went, but it's not the best idea to try to take pictures while you drive, and I couldn't stop on these roads, unlike the winding country roads of last week.

Still, I have been able to get some good pictures this past week. I was thinking this morning that the fall colors are kind of like a rainbow.

Certainly there are the first four colors of the rainbow in the trees, then there's the blue sky, so all that is missing is purple, and if you count the dark red/maroon of some maples, then you have the full spectrum of colors.

Which is why the Wordsworth lines came to mind as I made my way west to Framingham this morning. My heart truly did leap up when I beheld all this lovely fall day had in store for me.


Heidi said...

Earlier this afternoon, I stopped by a local park (where the colors were in their glory) and snapped several photos. What I saw is NOTHING compared to what you have pictured here. We tend to have more yellow-toned leaves...and lots of never-changing evergreens!

mon@rch said...

WOW, those leaves are breathtaking! Stunning!

Ruth said...

My heart leaps up whenever I am outdoors, especially on beautiful fall days like you picture. (I tried to post a comment on your last post a couple of days ago and couldn't. Blogger can be finickity)