Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Merrily we Roll Along

That title fits this day doubly, at least. My main reason for using it was because of the Rolling Rally the city of Boston held for the WORLD CHAMPION Red Sox =) Quite a number of our students "skipped" school in favor of the rally. Several others came in for a few hours and then left (including my nephew, who went with his mother and another parent and his daughter and friends) to go to the rally. They called in periodically to let us know they were OK and having a great time. Meanwhile, the Red Sox players and affiliates were enjoying a slow 7 mile journey through Boston on "duck boats," waving and shouting to the enthusiastic, but orderly, crowds.

My other reason for using the title is because it describes my life so well right now. I am over the top busy, and not a little tired, but tomorrow we end our first quarter on a fairly happy note, with things going more smoothly than not. If you teach, you know that's not always the way it goes with kids. This year, so far so good. Sure there have been bumps along the way, but none, so far, that we've not been able to handle. Some years are like that.

Photo from The Boston Globe on-line, John Tlumacki, photographer. My sister and nephew and a couple dozen of my students are somewhere in that crowd!!!


Heidi said...

We have quite a few Red Sox fans in my office! The joke was that they got together on Sunday night for "prayer meeting." :-)

Inland Empire Girl said...

YOu just must be thrilled about the Red Sox. I am glad to hear the year is going well. We have combined homecoming "spirit week" with Halloween ( a holiday I wish we didn't recognize) so this week is a challenge, but I try to put on the teacher face and bear it!

La Tea Dah said...

Congrats on the Red Sox win! My DH was sad that the series ended 'so soon' that he didn't get to watch more games --- but he was not disappointed in the winner! :)

Hang in there with school. Mid-terms and quarter's ends can be exhausting! Everything just seems to pile up! My task this week has been to encourage my DS's to 'hang on' as college studies are culminating in everything being due at once. I could never survive the life of a college student at this age! LOL! The all-nighters for study just won't work for me any more!

Enjoy a lovely day!