Monday, July 07, 2008

Ermoupolis, capitol of Syros

David and I took the bus over the mountain to the other side of the island and Ermoupolis, the capitol of this island. We wanted to meet up with his parents for supper, which was served near the concert hall instead of camp the way it has for the past few days. This is because they will be rehearsing tonight until 10!

We stayed in town for about 3 hours and then took the long way home to arrive back in Galissas just about sundown. We enjoyed the ride. I tried taking pictures through the bus window, and some turned out OK, although the colors are somewhat distorted. He was laughing at me for taking so many pictures, but I figured I might get one or two good ones if I kept on taking pictures... I had a photography teacher who once said if you get one good picture in a roll (this was black and white), you'd be doing well. This same teacher said if there were 1/4th of us left at the end of the class he'd be surprised. He was right on both counts...

Anyway, the pictures tonight are morning and evening of the place where I write each morning and evening (!), and some shots of Ermoupolis.

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Heidi M said...

What a wonderful place to write!