Saturday, July 19, 2008

Food Fare

Traveling in a foreign country is always challenging on a number of levels, not the least of which regards nourishment, especially if you have "special dietary needs" such as vegetarians require (at least half our group is vegetarian). For that reason, we had our own cook along on the trip, and for 2/3 of the time in Greece, she prepared our meals (with help from the musicians).

The rest of the time, we were on our own. Not being a vegan made it easier, but I must say, we are rather tired of bread and cheese (delicious as that was) and hard boiled eggs (at least they weren't runny) by the time the trip ended...

I am one who likes to capture every ounce of the experience, so I often took pictures of the food and, as a result, can visually share the gastronomical delights (or not) we partook of throughout the tour.

Photos above: "The best pizza in NYC" that we ate prior to taking off on the tour. Eggs at the Camberra Hotel in Ephesus.

Wheat Thins and Cheese Whiz that was first confiscated at Paris security and later retrieved by my sister. The security agents took it from my nephew, not knowing what it was, and then tasted it and tried to keep it!

Family and friends eating our own food at the Two Hearts Campground in Galissas, Syros.

The orchestra director (right) and her husband eating at the camp with a former concert mistress of the orchestra (now traveling as an alumni singer).

Typical breakfast for me at Hotel Benois in Greece.

My niece (right) and a friend helping to separate the wraps for delicious falafal sandwiches at the camp.

Vegetarian fare at Camberra Hotel in Ephesus that the staff prepared for us while we waited interminably for our buses to arrive from Romania to take us to Istanbul.

The delicious soup appetizer from the Camberra Hotel.

My nephew and sister having a last ice cream cone in Ermoupolis, Syros. He said this was the best ice cream he's had in a long time. It
was delicious. We partook of it several times during our stay.

Orchestra members enjoying fresh-picked peaches for lunch in Ephesus.

Enjoying pasta at a
restaurant in Galassas.

An outdoor restaurant in Ermoupolis that made a wonderful Greek salad. The bread and pasta was excellent, too.

My last breakfast in Greece.

I have no pictures of eating in Turkey because we did that on the sit-down meal except for the one that our merry dozen ate at El Torrito near the Grand Bazaar. It all was an interesting gastronomical experience for sure =)


La Tea Dah said...

This post was after my own heart! Loved the foody post!!!!


PS: Are you safely home now?

sunny said...

What I want to know is, how did she get those crackers back from the security guard?