Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Peaceful, easy Feeling

There's nothing like a whole day stretching out ahead of you with absolutely nothing you have to do but read, sit out in the sun, relax, enjoy the good company of family and friends. My sister keeps asking me if I'm bored, and I keep saying "absolutely not!" I am loving being able to just sit and read. In the daylight no less! It's a rare treat, let me tell you.

Right now I'm reading Mike Lowell's memoir of his fight with cancer and winning two World Series with two different teams in the space of four years. I gave this book to my nephew for his 8th grade graduation present and since I've already finished the books I brought along, I've had to start on the ones others have brought. It's quite interesting, I must say. I don't read a lot of sports books, but as these books go, this one is enjoyable.

Today, we made our own games to play-- battleship, the dot game, others like that. We also watch the hotel cat play with lizards (she's doing it right now as I type, in fact). I don't think I could live this way forever...but for now, it's exactly what I need.

Today's pictures are of some of the cats we've observed and/or made friends with. There are many, many of them everywhere, most of them thin and battle scarred. The one with the kittens lives at the campgrounds where we eat most of our suppers. The first day she had just one kitten with her, but now she has three. They are getting fatter because we keep feeding them =) The one sleeping on the stone wall is the one who lives at (or near?) the hotel and keeps catching the lizards.


Heidi said...

Rondi--what are you worried about with blogging? By your blog archive, you have 328 entries. That's nothing to sneeze at!

La Tea Dah said...

You deserve the life of leisure right now! I'm glad you can enjoy it.

Are the cats tame?

It's so nice to get reports of your journey from my armchair. It's a new little piece of the world that I'm enjoying very much.


Britt-Arnhild said...

We are on vacation right now. I love doing norhing, "being bored".

Rondi said...

Oh, it's been delightful =)

Most of the cats are strays. A few have collars, so we assume they are pets, but they roam free. Turns out the one at the hotel is pregnant. That's all this place needs it more cats!!!