Monday, July 28, 2008

Retreat to Rangeley

You'd think that after three weeks of travel that included two weeks of rest and relaxation on an island in the Aegean, that I wouldn't find myself needing more retreat time. But if that retreat includes the whole family, there is never enough time like that. So, last Thursday found my family (except for one who was still on the orchestra tour I was on earlier) en route through a driving rain to my sister's cabin on Mooselookmeguntic Lake (don't you love that name?!) in Rangeley, Maine. It's a place we've been retreating to for nearly 25 years.

My parents, two sisters and their families, and I plus three dogs and two of our nine cats made the trip as well. Fortunately, the rain had stopped by the time we arrived, and didn't start again until we were well on our way home on Sunday. That left three days of beautiful sun lakeside.

We enjoyed just hanging out, reading, sitting in the sun, talking, walking, and relaxing together. And, there was no internet there, so we were essentially computer free as well! As a result, I read three books in two days =) Friday afternoon, we went into town, and I took time to go browse at my all-time favorite bookstore. It's name, "Books, Lines, and Thinkers," has got to be one of the all0timne best names for a bookstore. And the proprietor handwrites recommendations and reviews on post-it notes and sticks them on the book covers. Quaint and charming, I love this bookstore!

Oh yeah, and I added to my collection of beautiful sunset photos of the lake...


Beth said...

That is one of my absolute most favorite bookstores, too. I go there every chance I get. Next year when you are up this way, maybe we can meet at the bookstore!

Heidi said...

It was such a treat going up to Rangeley for leadership retreat. I remember "moose hunting" one night and Evan bellowing like a moose. Oh, I burned my finger there, too, on the stove. Wow....the memories are coming back.