Thursday, July 03, 2008

It's all Greek to Me!

How many times have I said that in the past as a joke? Many, I'm sure. Now...I say it several times a day, or at least think it, and mean it literally =) The trip here was quite an odyssey. I also mean that literally. Will forgo the details, but suffice it to say that we lost 7 hours over the course of two days, most of them up in the air.

The flight from Paris to Athens was amazing, though. I sat by the window and was able to watch the countryside go by...Paris across to Zurich, Switzerland, across the Alps into Italy, across to Venice, down the Italian coast and over to Greece. All clear as a bell. Fascinating! I love flying anyway, but this was truly wonder-full to see.

Spent the night in Athens and then went off on a 3-hour tour of the Acropolis. That, too was amazing. I wish I could remember what we learned. I wish I had been taking notes like my niece did. Instead, I took pictures. Lots of them. A few are here.

Then it was a four-hour ferry ride out to the island of Syros. That wasn't too interesting as most things were shrouded in fog or haze. We were inside in air conditioning,though, so it wasn't bad. We arrived in the capital town of Ermoupolis and then took a bus 7 kilometers over the mountain to our town of Galissas where our hotel is.

After getting settled and eating a leisurely supper, I went to watch the sun set from the beach near our hotel. The perfect ending...or beginning...


mon@rch said...

LOL, sounds like an amazing place to visit!

Beth said...

oh how yummy, I'm going to enjoy this trip--I can tell already. Your pictures are beautiful.