Sunday, January 20, 2008

18-0, one more to go

So, the Boston sports writers are playing the MEME =) I'm listening/ watching (multi- tasking) to the post-game press conference of today's Patriots' win over the San Diego Chargers and one of the reporters asked Tom Brady if he thought he'd ever live to see the day where a team goes to the SuperBowl 18-0.

The answer for everyone, of course-- including Tom who was only a few years old 25 years ago--is no. I'm betting he wasn't thinking that 4 Super Bowls in seven years was in his future either. But here he is, MVP, offensive player of the year, receiver of every football/athletic accolade conceivable, on the verge of doing what has never been done before.

I'm not a big football fan. I learned it 25 years ago when I had a 10th grade English class of all boys. All they cared about was football, so I learned football so I could talk about things they were interested in. I remember having a Super Bowl part at my house (this was a boarding school) when it was so cold that everyone huddled under quilts for the duration of the game (the house was very poorly insulated and the wind cut through the walls with an icy cold). None of us then thought any further than the next day, to be honest. At least not during the school year.

When I moved back to Massa- chusetts to teach at the school where my father was principal (!), my football knowledge came in handy when teaching Patriots-crazed students. The school even took "field trips" to see Pats games, once in December when it was so cold tears stung our eyes and froze on our cheeks, and we could hardly walk out of the stadium on our block-solid frozen feet.

Happily, today, I was watching the game from the comfort of a well- insulated condo. Being at the game in person was kind of cool , but watching from home is preferable to me because I can do other blog about it. Yet another thing I wouldn't have dreamed of doing 25 years ago!

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mon@rch said...

how great you are able to watch to share with the conversations with the kids! BTW: you should be doing a 19-0 post here soon!