Sunday, January 27, 2008

Between the Woods and Frozen Lake

I was sick much of the weekend, but when I had to go over to check on my sister's cats I took the opportunity to drive by the nearby lake and see what sunset looked like there. In a word, beautiful. I love how the gnarly trees look against the frozen lake and sunset in the distance.

I was charmed by the skaters. Reminded me that I used to skate on this very lake when I was a young girl. Reminded me that it's been awhile since I've been skating. Maybe even 20 years. I used to love it. Almost all my skating experience has been in such a setting. I learned to skate on a pond behind a monastary in Ohio. Then we moved here to MA and we continued our skating experience on this lake. Years later, on a stand-out night in my memory, I skated on a woodland pond under a full moon with a "rainbow" ring around it.

Reminded me of the skating scene in Little Women...Jo and Laurie skating...Amy trying to chase after them...falling in...Jo and Laurie saving her... Something romantic about such scenes I think =)

Anyway, the lake was frozen over. Surprised me. I hadn't expected that for some reason, although it's been bone-cold, so I don't know why not.


mon@rch said...

Sorry you were not feeling well! Those views are amazing and I have only gone ice skating once in my life! Get better soon!

gardenpath said...

I am not a skater, but my daughter used to have a favorite little woodland pond she loved to skate on.
What a lovely place you had! Do you think you will ever try it again?

sunny said...

Sorry to hear you were sick. Don't you want to tell us every disgusting detail? What lake is it? Is Doleful pond still by the school? Is it still big enough to skate on. A bunch of us used to practise there. Before we moved out here we had lakefront property that the kids used to skate on. They tried it in March and the ice was too thin. My friend's son fell through up to his waist. Lucky he was near shore. You be careful. Now. let's see if I can actually make comments now that I've figured out how to access your blog from OVER HERE.

Rondi said...

Thanks for your well-wishes. I am better today, although teaching/talking for two straight hours and then having 5 hours of committee meetings didn't help the sore throat. Oh well. Tomorrow should be a quieter day with no classes or meetings.

The lake, sunny, is in Wakefield...Lake Quanopowitt...glad to hear from you all the way from Korea!!!