Wednesday, January 09, 2008

May and Amaryllis

I've been trying to grow 5 Amaryllis this Christmas season. Two are re-blooming attempts from last year. So far, they both have long leaves, but only one has produced a far.
I keep hoping the other one will do something. Then I have three new bulbs, but only one is doing anything. It has four beautiful blooms on one talk stalk.

Tonight's picture captures the elegant Louisa May on the arm of the couch having the appearance of peering through the leaves at me.


Ruth said...

All those books, a beautiful flower and a cat. Idyllic!

mon@rch said...

I love how you framed this shot with your cat! Very purrrty!

Inland Empire Girl said...

I love this picture. Be patient... these amaryllis are like Christmas cactus and bloom when they want. After admiring your pictures, I wish I would have planted some this year.