Monday, January 14, 2008

Snow and a Generous Woman

More snow! Beautiful snow! Generous snow that gave me a day off from school!!! We were expecting so much snow that they called school off before 10 last night, although we know hours earlier that it was all but a done deal. Of course the weather here is never as good or as bad as the predictions, but today it was enough to at least keep the promise of a snow day.

About 10 I went outside to grab some pictures and to move my car. I walked around the property for a bit and was walking to my car when I realized that a car was behind me (I didn't hear it because I was wearing a hood). I moved out of the way, then watched as a woman delivered a beautiful bouquet of flowers to one of my neighbors who had a birthday today. When she came back out, she saw that I was trying to clear my car and asked if I wanted some help. Not one to refuse such an offer, I watched in amazement as she got a "snow broom" out of her car and proceeded to clear it in about 2 minutes!

While I was exclaiming over the marvels of her "broom," two more people came out to clear off their cars. This lady, a science teacher in a nearby town who works parttime to deliver flowers, offered to help them, too. What was supposed to be a quick delivery for her turned into a 20 minute good samaritan visit to Park Place Condos! Yet another stranger doing a good deed.


Heidi said...

You've received all of our snow! We've only officially had two snow "storms" of a few flurries and slush in the morning. The snow broom sounds like a handy tool! Beautiful pictures!

Patty said...

what pretty snow ! A snow broom ? A novel idea and so glad you met such a kind person