Sunday, June 22, 2008

First Days of Summer

I barely got home from Tucson (at 2:30 in the morning no less) when I was on the road again. I went up to Maine to see my parents because it will be another four weeks before I will be able to visit them again. I had the usual fabulous time, and am so thankful that I can spend quality time with them fairly frequently.

Their backyard is a haven for flowers and birds. We sat out on the back patio and soaked up the sun and the peace. There are two bluebird nest boxes at the end of the yard that provided the set ting for a fascinating drama that kept my mother and me interested for hours, literally.

The male bluebird is either a polygamist or was trying to persuade his female partner that one box was better than the other. He kept going in and out of the right hand box, pausing to perch on the post or the trellis nearby. Now and again he'd go over to the left hand box, and more than once he was chased out by a female inside. We couldn't decide if there were two females, or just that she wanted to be in the left and he wanted her in the right. This saga was still going on today!

Meanwhile, there were dozens of other birds coming and going at the various feeders and trees: goldfinch, Baltimore orioles, ruby throated hummingbirds, robins, purple finches, indigo buntings, evening grosbeaks, mourning doves, nuthatches, chipping sparrows, and many more. What a great way to welcome in summer!

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Ruth said...

What a beautiful yard! Makes me want to leave the suburbs!