Sunday, June 29, 2008

New York Kind of NIght

Well, we're on our way. Kind of. We have a two-day stop in New York City first. My sister's in-laws brought my nephew and me down this morning (my sister and husband went down yesterday morning). We arrived in time for the early afternoon concert in Carnegie Hall with John Rutter conducting. Rutter is one of the pre-eminent choral composers of the past few decades. He is very imposing to play for, believe me. But it's also a huge privilege to do so. They don't allow photography in the hall, so I didn't get any of the concert pictures =(

We then went to NJ to drop off our things in the hotel and then, having nothing better to do, went back to Brooklyn to a pizza place called Grimaldi's. It's supposed to be the best pizza place in NYC and people were lined up for quite a ways to get in. Bob held our spot in line while we went down to the East River and got ice cream and took pictures looking across to lower Manhattan, with the Empire State Building to our right, the Statue of Liberty to our left, and the hole in the skyline straight ahead where the World Trade Center used to be.

It was very foggy, so some things looked very ghostly =) It was a pleasant evening to walk around and take in the sites, though, which we did.

Photos: Trio of Posters showing the Carnegie Hall stage. It was FULL of singers and orchestra players this afternoon! John Rutter (left in gray) outside the stage entrance after the concert. Grimaldi's in Brooklyn. Brooklyn Bridge and surroundings. A ghostly Empire State Building. Lower Manhattan at sunset (the "hole" in the middle is where the World Trade Center used to be). And even more ghostly Statue of Liberty.


sunny said...

Safe trip and good time, OK?

mon@rch said...

I have never been to NYC before! Hope your time was wonderful and love the photos!