Saturday, June 07, 2008

Last Day

So. It's over and done. Another school year completed. It's been rainy most of the last half of the week, so some of the year-end activities didn't happen because they were outdoor events. The children adjusted just fine, though. They are, usually, much more flexible than adults =)

It was a long day, though. The evening program, a Consecration and Parents Appreciation for the seniors, started late and ended much later. But it was nice. The students invited one of their former teachers to come back. It was a nice reunion. Just late. Now, today, we have more programs. Today, it's the current teachers' turns to have the last word. I'm up early preparing my little talk, so must get to it.

Photos: Little Isabella checking out the rain soaked Iris as she leaves school. Other garden delights.


Jayakumar said...

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mon@rch said...

I loved the first day of summer when I was a kid . . . . just knowing that we had all summer of having fun and no learning! Those were the days!

Inland Empire Girl said...

Congratulations for another year conpleted! Our seniors graduate a week ahead of the rest of the students. We end next Friday. I think I can make it!!

Britt-Arnhild said...

Happy vacation.

La Tea Dah said...

Happy end of the school year! I'm sure you have some fun summer adventures planned. Isn't it wonderful that school doesn't go year around? Although you may work all summer, the pace is different and you'll come back refreshed and renewed for another year in the fall.

Happy Summer Adventures!


Rondi said...

Thanks everyone! I am looking forward to a relaxing summer =)