Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Sly Way with Rhythm

I carried my life, like a stone,
In a ragged pocket, but I
Had a true weaving song, a sly
Way with rhythm, a healing tone.
~Jay Wright

This is a wonderful poem that was on a poster I got for April's Poetry Month. I wanted to post it back in April but kept forgetting. Tonight, while sorting through the stacks of things that have piled up on my dining room table, I found it again, so here it is. I just love the imagery!

Photo: Teddy talking to me, singing his own weaving song =) I was trying to capture his cute mitted paws when he began a conversation. He's such a soft, cuddly kitty who delights in perching on the back of my chair and giving me head butts =) The picture makes him look kind of mean, but he's really the sweetest thing.

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Ruth said...

He does look like he is singing...:-)