Saturday, June 28, 2008

Synching the iPod for Greece

I admit it. I never thought I'd say those words. Any of them, but most particularly iPod and Greece. Never mind in the same sentence. Never mind referring to myself and something I was doing, or preparing to do.

How's that again?!!! The fact is that I'm going to Greece the day after tomorrow ... for two+ weeks ... and I'm uploading music to my iTouch iPod ... a thing I thought I'd have no need for. Ever.

But last week found me at the Apple store buying an iTouch ... because I thought, at the time, that I would not be taking my laptop with me, and because I couldn't be without e-mail, and therefore because I thought I should have something for easy access. And besides, all that traveling ... I'd want music. Can't be without music.

So. I bought the iTouch. And then yesterday, while trying to get out of the office before noon, realized I have way too much to do that requires writing ... and while you can e-mail with the iTouch, you can't write whole, huge documents without serious frustration at the time it takes.

That brought me back to needing the laptop. Still, here I am synching the iPod with music from my laptop because the iTouch is easier for that than the laptop.


Meanwhile ... to the exciting part of the above declaration: GREECE! Yes! I'm going to Greece. For more than two weeks. And then on to Istanbul for a day before coming home. We start with two days in New York City. I'm traveling with my old orchestra, the New England Youth Ensemble. My sister and her family are going. Old friends are going. And I do mean old, at least when considering that this is the Youth ensemble. It will be more like a reunion/alumni group that will play, which will make it a whole lot more interesting than going just with a bunch of college kids I mostly don't know.

I will not be playing this time ... so why, you ask, go on an orchestra tour and not play? Because it is considerably less expensive, unbelievably so in fact, and because I'll still see all the things I want to see, and probably a whole lot more. Plus, we're staying on the island of Syros for about 10 days, which I wouldn't do on my own, but which will give us a real taste for the native life of the country/island. I'm so looking forward to this trip!

Which is why I'm spending part of this day synching the iPod for Greece =)

Photos: Artsy plate I used for brunch today to get me in the mood for travel; travel bears; teaching bears; laptop and iPod; the Parthenon in Athens; my nephew and a friend playing in the junior version of the orchestra we will play in.


La Tea Dah said...

You will love the iTouch! Even tho taking your laptop, enjoy the little gadget and the freedom it provides.

And how wonderful to be going on such an exciting trip with so many old and fabulous friends! Traveling with the youth ensemble sounds like a dream! What a blessing! Enjoy yourself and have fun. Take LOTS of pictures to share with us! Especially (for me) related to lifestyle, food, and tea! (Do they drink tea in Greece?). So many adventures await! I'm excited for you!

I will be praying for you while you are gone, for safe travels and God's blessing!


Heidi said...

Oh how fun! Enjoy traveling. Enjoy the change of pace. Enjoy your new gadgets. You deserve this vacation.

Beth said...

what an exciting adventure, enjoy and I'll look forward to the pictures and stories of your travels.