Saturday, August 09, 2008

Bees, Blooms, and Birthdays

We have three birthdays to celebrate in the month of August (mom, nephew, and brother-in-law), and today was our day to do it. We went up to our parents' in Maine, and spent a delightful few hours together eating, talking, and enjoying nature.

The copious rains of the past month (or more) have wrecked havoc on most of the flowers and after a bumper crop of raspberries last year, there are none this year, much to our disappointment. Still, there were some pretty flowers to look at. And the bees were having a great time on the cone flowers, sometimes piling on two and three at a time on a single blossom.

As usual, I went out in search of some pretty posies =)

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Anonymous said...

Not that I wish your garden bad luck, but am so glad to hear someone else say their garden is a wreck from all this rain. Mine is so ugly this year, I would like to throw a tarp over it when company comes! We do have gigantic tomato vines, but not many tomatoes.