Saturday, August 09, 2008

Slithery Saturday

I was at my parents' today with the rest of my family to celebrate my mom's birthday. One of my nephews was outside throwing a ball around in the back yard when he yelled "SNAKE!" Sure enough, there was a Garter Snake (I think) slithering along in the grass. When my nephew and I came near, it sped up towards the blueberry bushes, which have been enclosed in netting to ward off hungry critters.

Poor thing (the snake) had just eaten something and was too big where the meal was lodged to get through the netting. It tried to get through, and kept pushing its meal further down, but ultimately, it had to figure out that it should back out instead of keep going.

At one point, it had woven itself in and out of the netting. We tried to help it, but ultimately had to let it work its own way out.

I'm not a big fan of snakes, but I was rooting for this one to get out and go on with its life We thought it might have to stay stuck until its meal digest, but it finally backed out and stayed out.

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Ruth said...

A snake with a bulge in the garden! Poor thing indeed. I am glad it was not in my yard.