Friday, August 29, 2008

Tired (it's a good thing)

The week has been exhausting. And exhilar- ating. This is the beginning of my fourth year as principal and I can't remember being so tired, or so satisfied, at the end of a first week. It is a relief, in so many ways. Our enrollment is up, we have a great staff, the kids' attitudes are positive. It's a good thing.

I won't say it was an ideal week, but it was close. I realized last night, not for the first time, that it's a blessing for us that we now have an extra day in our weekend after an intense week. If we started after Labor Day, we'd have to wait until Columbus Day for our first break. Even though it's early, it's coming at a good time.


Heidi M said...

Congratulations on making it through your first week of school....and wow! Is this really your fourth year as principal? Time flies. You're doing a great job. I still read the Atlantic Union Gleaner, and take great joy in recognizing names, places, and news from GBA.

sunny said...

I agree with Heidi M. You are doing a great job.