Thursday, January 08, 2009

Cardinal Rules

My parents gave me a beautiful window bird feeder for my birthday back in May. I didn't put it up until I got back from Greece in August because I didn't want to set the birds up to be disappointed while I was gone for a month. Well, it took months to draw birds to the feeder. There are many birds just across the way from my office window, but it took them awhile to discover my little station.

Meanwhile, the seeds sprouted and grew into good-sized seedlings until I dumped them and started over.

Now, I have nuthatches, chickadees, titmouses, and a pair of cardinals who come visit every day. Since the feeder sits on the window right next to my desk, I have to sit perfectly still while they eat so I don't scare them away. My goal, now, is for them to be comfortable enough so I can take pictures of them enjoying the treat.


inlandempiregirl said...

What a colorful feeder. We don't have cardinals around here so I will enjoy yours.

Jan said...

Rhondi, I started bird watching in 2003. My local patch is a reservoir near home, with some good hides, woods, and open meadows.

We have several parrots at home, one of which was sitting on my laptop screen earlier this evening.

Thanks for the pictures. I hope you continue enjoying the birds.

[We have waxwings here (UK), but I miss the cardinals.]

Rondi said...

IEG--The bird feeder was handmade by a couple in Canada. The cardinals are very shy and I've been unable to photograph them at the feeder so far. I am hoping to catch them some day.

Jan--I am looking forward to seeing a lot more birds at my window.