Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy 80th Birthday!

It's my dad's 80th birthday today. All day long I've thought about him, about how fortunate I've been to have him still in my life. He, too, was a school principal. In fact he was my principal all through elementary school and academy. He was also my 8th grade American history teacher and my 10th grade world history teacher. Then, years later, I had the privilege of working with him for six years. I learned so much from him that I have since put to use when I became principal (well, much that I used as a teacher, too). He was a great role model and is still an amazing source of wisdom and strength to me.

I'm thankful for the life he and my mother have together, too. They both have shown my sisters and me what it means to be true Christians, giving their time and energy to friends, neighbors, church members, and others in a generous and wonderful way. I will be happy to be considered even remotely like either of them, never mind both of them =)


Ruth said...

How blessed you have been to have a father like this for so many years. I wish him health and vigour in the future.

Sunny said...

Happy birthday to your dad. He'll never know what a blessing he was to me (and many others). And, of course, your mom, AKA 'my mentor' was too.