Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Two out of Three

I love Amaryllis. Every year sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I start growing my favorite winter plant. This year I had three bulbs, two I bought myself, and one someone gave me (I actually have three others that are happily growing at my parents' in Maine). I enjoy watching the bulbs come alive, the shoots grow and grow, the buds get fatter and fatter until they burst into bloom.

Right now, the one that was given to me is just leaves. Kind of disappointing, as I think that's all that's going to happen with that one. But the other two have grown tall and are about to be beautiful. One of them opened today. It has opened more and more as the evening has gone on. It was almost like I was watching one of the science film loops we used to have in Biology class years ago (shout out to Mr. Quackenbush and all my SVA friends!).

The other plant is probably a day or so behind this one. I count it a luxury to have this elegant beauty in my house, particularly since the cats don't seem to be very interested in them the way they are in other plants and bouquets.

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inlandempiregirl said...

You read my mind! I was hoping you would post pictures. Ours are very close in color. I love them also.