Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wings at my Window

I am having such fun with the birds who are becoming regulars at the little feeder at my window. I am already recognizing the regulars, primarily a Tufted Titmouse and the Sparrow (it's either a Song Sparrow or a female Purple Finch... hard to tell still).

The cardinals are still very shy. They hang out in the trees on the edge of the grass and start making noise, so I know they're out there. Then, they flit from branch to branch until finally they get brave enough to come over. Yesterday, I was trying to talk with a student and the male come up. I'm sorry to say, he distracted me from my conversation. Today, he flew up but got scared off. Also today, for the first time I had a jay come down...and...a robin! (What???)

There are chickadees and juncos who are out there in the brush still. I am thinking of getting another feeder to put a little farther away from the window to lure more birds down... Of course then I'll have to forge a path through the more than knee-high snow to set it up and keep it stocked with savory seeds for my new friends. I'm thinking I can find my way to do this...

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