Friday, January 16, 2009

Natural Wonders

I'm hunkering down for the night. It's COLD out there! It was cold this morning, too. So cold and dark when I left for school, in fact, that there wasn't even a sunrise! Day before, the sunrise was beautiful. This morning, was the complete opposite. Beautiful, but icy looking.

The birds have found my feeder this week for good, I think, although I'm worried now that I'm going to be gone for the weekend. All week long, Nut- hatches, Tufted Titmice, some kind of Sparrow, and the pair of Cardinals have been coming to eat. They are still shy, although there's at least one Titmouse who doesn't fly away any more when I try to take its picture. I just can't seem to get more than its tail without standing up and totally scaring it away! I'm thinking of getting a tripod and long trigger cord.

There are other birds lurking in the trees across the way. Blue Jays, Hairy Wood- peckers, and today I thought as saw a Robin. Could that be? I know I heard some about a month ago, but it seems far too cold for them to be here now... There's so much life going on outside my window that it's been somewhat distracting this week. In a good way =)

At home, on the Amaryllis front, I now have two huge blooms with several buds about to burst. I look forward to coming home and seeing what the day has brought for them. They are especially beautiful when the sun sets (right outside my/their window). And tonight, Teddy was enjoying the view of the sun outside and the flowers inside as he perched between the two on the window sill.

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